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We recognized early on a strong desire from clients for unique pieces in a world of mass production. 

Understanding that jewelry buying can be intimidating, we’ve created a casual and professional approach by learning about each client through conversation and introducing them to classic methods of hand sketching.

The Workshop

Drawing inspiration from vintage tools has become a staple in our entire design process. The hand tools used in our studio are an ode to tradition, with pieces that have collected their own stories from craftsman to craftsman, some dating back to the late 16th century. 

Mirroring the older traditional approach to jewelry making, using these historic objects add a special element that is unique to each and every piece. The personality of every hammer comes through as a mark of history within each detail. 

Each and every piece is hand fabricated from start to finish...

 Each step of our process is a creative journey we take with our clients; from the first round of sketches to the final product, everything is done by hand. 

This collaborative process with each client helps capture your story and translate it into a lasting expression. 

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