Wanderlust started out by making a few engagement and wedding rings for friends and a close network of people.

“By word of mouth we began to expand and develop our custom business to include heirloom rebuilds and repairs, while keeping a strong focus on individual, custom designs.”

the dream

Wes has a BFA from Miami University, where he had the opportunity to study abroad in Prague and Cortona, Italy. He later went on to receive an MFA from the University of Georgia.

Heather also pursued the arts, and received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art.

The two began by working for other jewelers, until starting Wanderlust in 2011. 

“It all started by making engagement rings and wedding bands out of our home for friends and a close network of people.” By word of mouth, Heather and Wes began to expand and develop their custom business to include heirloom rebuilds and repairs, while always keeping a strong focus on the custom design process. 

In 2014 Wanderlust opened its first studio in Little Italy, but quickly grew out of the space and moved into its current location in 2015. 

“It is important for us to be in Cleveland Heights, where we have our home and 2 kids. We want to build our business here and be a part of the community we live in.”


why custom is important

“Timeless yet comtemporary.”, Heather and Wes like the problem solving aspect of a piece of jewelry that is delicate, yet meant to be worn everyday. 

The collaboration between the designer and the client. Making something that is just meant for one person and keeping attention on the individual, while developing relationships and longtime friends with new people every day. 

The stories that go with the heirloom jewelry or stories that inspire the design; and allow the piece to become a part of someone’s personal history. 


Old techniques, tools and methods. 

Ancient jewelry; Byzantine, or Baroque, Wanderlust gets inspired by this jewelry that can be buried for 2000 years and still be just as beautiful once it’s excavated. 

Beauty in the imperfections. 

“Its fun. We are not so tied up in the trappings of what trends or what jewelry HAS to be.”

other interests

Collecting, Collecting, Collecting!

Hannah baseball bats, unusual hammers (some of which are used in designs!), mine cut diamonds, & miniature (or not so miniature) anvils. 

Wes and Heather also have a strong interest on maintaining sustainable living practices, both at home and in the studio.

They are and always have been passionate about patronizing other local businesses, and developing the Cleveland community

“Greyhound rescue, we have two!”

Also: singing sea chantys