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We design within the realm of classic to extremely unique, with styles ranging from four-prong to multiple stone clusters…


Choosing a setting for your ring is a process where we encourage you to draw from your inspirations, aesthetics, and your collective lifestyle. A classic center stone can have a wide breadth of character, between the ways it’s set on a band to what sort of accent you choose to adorn with it. 

Subtle accents within these settings can really hone in on a design that is specific to each and every client. 

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Two Stone

Three Stone


The shape of each stone is the strongest influence on the overall design of the completed ring. Smooth edges on round and oval stones create a more whimsical and soft approach, while the sharper edges of the Princess and Asscher hold a more linear and structured appeal. 

The Cut

These shapes speak volumes of the wearer, and we really enjoy complimenting each stone within the setting by often pairing them with other shapes. The angles and curves can be nestled together to create new and vibrant flowing designs within cluster arrangements.